Dessert Menu

Chocolate Carlotte - a light layered chocolate sponge

Pear tart  - Pure butter pastry, fragipane, pear halves finished with an apricot glaze.

Raspberry passion—a light mouse style dessert made from fresh raspberries

Citrus Tart - shortcrust pastry with a smooth lemon filling

Served with either Cheshire farm ice cream or clotted cream

 All Desserts £3.95


Selection of Local Cheeses

MOLLINGTON CHESHIRE—Made by Chris Wade, Mollington Grange, Chester.

Gold award winning—HEREFORD HOP


Served with Apple chutney, piccalilli and Biscuits

Cheese Board £4.95


Parisian Coffee—Courvoisier Brandy

Irish Coffee—Jamesons

Calypso Coffee—Tia Maria

All £3.95 Each